Is collaboration the real meaning of viral?


Viral, exponential collaboration
In marketing our businesses online, most of us want to leverage the viral, or exponential, nature of the Internet. We use a variety of tools to do this, including blogging, microblogging (Twitter), and multi-purpose social sites like Facebook.

What is behind this activity? What makes social media such a powerful tool for visibility?

Competition fading under the sun of collaboration

Collaboration may be the answer to this question. As we move out of traditional advertising models, competition begins to lose its place as the reigning paradigm.

This is a big adjustment for many marketers. It’s a paradigm shift that goes much deeper than marketing trends.

Helping them helps you

Here’s the simple truth of it: Collaboration is the super-juice of online visibility. Once you get this concept down, your efforts and activities in social media become exponentially more effective. Let’s take blog commenting as an example. When you read a successful blogger’s latest post, and you become inspired, you can post a comment that makes that blog even more valuable. You have just collaborated with someone in your industry who has the power to make you more visible. You did it by showing up and offering your intelligence to their conversation. You included yourself.

Thoughtful commenting on well-read blogs is one of our most effective visibility tools.

Happy socializing!



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